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Virtual, But Together

Our Virtual Platform Brings Companies & Teams Together

Global Synergy 4U offers virtual platforms for events, learning, and work. Stay connected wherever you are. 

See how Duncan Wardle from Disney teaches innovation and creativity in our SG4U Campus.

Remote Collaboration

We Create Unique Virtual Offices & Suites

Work Faster in VR Than in Real Life. Optimize focus & productivity, whether solo or collaborating with your team.

Immersive Virtual Environments

Well-Designed Platforms

Office Suites

Our virtual team suites are collaboration spaces that foster togetherness, community, and presence.

Meeting Spaces

We provide support to ensure a memorable, effective experience for all participants. Make friends with other Synergy Global users.

Virtual Expos

Host large scale virtual expos from anywhere. Connect and engage with large audiences from around the world

Virtual Seminars

Plan virtual seminars that enable users to have a lifelike social experience where physical distances disappear.

Virtual Tradeshows

In a new era of social distancing and remote work, virtual seminars will bring even more people closer together.

Virtual Conventions

Synergy Global 4U offers a greener alternative to attending and setting up conferences

Take Your Business to The Virtual World!

Synergy Global 4 U

Manage Companies Virtually

The Virtual World Environment Is Designed To Promote Social Interaction And Collaboration Among Participants. Our Platform Is Designed To Support 10,000+ Users Concurrently From Anywhere In The World.